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Autumn's starting now

The Night is long

You look just as sweet to me

Down the Nile

The day just woke up

Now and again

Please be my Friend

Hello Hello

I shall eat Chinese Rice today

Pick up your Bag

Take my Lips

Love has many faces

I wonder how you are today

Little Banjo Girl

Far Away

Angel Eyes

 Silently the River flows

You are not alone

Now that love has gone forever

Let me sleep

I thought our love was strong

We sail upon a stormy sea

I am so very handsome

It's so nice you are back again

I'm living in another world

Far Far away now

I Will Walk

There is no other Place

I was a happy Guy

When I see the Flowers bloom

Flower of the East

Where do you go when dreaming

At night

Arms around each other

Are you happy with your life

Tell Me

I Wish

Gentle Wind

My Browneyed Girl from Brasil

Sitting on a Pier

In a Dreamland somewhere

The Ring you gave to me

Come and hold my hand

It's Such an empty feeling

Now it's summer once again

Fly along with me

My Guardian Angel

There, there you go again

Now that we are together again

You went to work the other day

You were mine

How are you now

Sleep my Dear

It's Raining

I Never Saw

My Swing

I'm alone again


Come Dear and sail along with me

Oh when will you say you love me

There's No Moon

Tell me why your love for me has gone

And so what if life isn't easy

My love I miss you so   

When will I see you again

Where have all of those good days gone   

If you only could be here again

   How has life been treating you   

 Just give me a kiss

I am not handsome     

 I fell down an Abyss    

I was walking down the lane

A new day    

 Old wishing well    

Blow wind Blow

I love the air this morning   

River of life    

 Am I awake or just dreaming

Am I awake or just dreaming talk





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