Far Away

 Copyright 2010 John Torp
Music & Lyrics by John Torp



so far away
I'm far away
from you again
I knew that I
would soon have to go
but I
will come back
I miss you so
the way you smile at me
your face 
the way you talk 
and then your hands
and the way you walk
your eyes
they'r so blue
I do love you
and when
I come home
and stay
right here with you
then I will never more
go to war
and it will be
just like before

do they make war again
and when
when will they learn
that all that strife
all that loss of life
to scorch
and to burn
is our concern
I wish for peace
for you and me
so it can be
just like before
that I went to war
and please
let there be
a world that's free
I know
you will wait
for me 
down by the gate
I hope I'll soon be there
home with you
you know
I love you dear