My Swing




Picture with permission of Miss Kiran.

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My Swing

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp

What a peacefull time I'm having sitting in my swing
memories of long ago they just come floating in
thinking about all the things that happens every day
and of all that I could change if I just had my way
things that we could do for people and to do some good
whishing that the well off people also understood
softly swinging time away and doing nothing else
dreaming of some time long gone and sounds of crystal bells

'twixt the things here in my house I do prefer my swing
and all the lovely moments here it makes me want to sing
yes sing about the wonderful and lovely sights to see
and sing about how life can be so good for you and me
if everybody had a swing to sit in and unwind
then maybe everybody would be happy nice and kind
so get yourself a swing my friend and sit there in your swing
you'll see what joyful moments you'll be spending in your swing