A New Day



 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2003 John Torp




A new day
and I must be stronger
I'll start my new life
my life without you
a new life
a life on my own now
it won't be easy
I'll manage somehow
and face life
I'll plan for the future
I can't go back
to our yesterday

how we were together
and how we managed
to keep love alive
it's nice dear
it's nice to remember
those lovely moments
we spent by the fire
and looked in
to loves burning ember
but now it's gone
it was yesterday

If only
I could turn back time dear
and we could be there
by loves burning fire
and stay there
for ever and ever
that can not be so
for it is no more
those times dear
are just to remember
life must go on
it is my new day.