My brown eyed Girl


 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2009 John Torp



My brown eyed girl from Brasil I want you to know I love you so
I will be true to you I'll never let you go
my brown eyed girl from Brasil it makes me feel good to be with you
and what is more I know for sure you feel the same way too
when I first asked you out and when you said okay
I felt my heart stood still it was my lucky day
and I will never forget that day for as long as I shall live
that's when my life began now everything is positive

Those words I said were straight from my heart and from my sole
you know that I was true and didn't play a role
the art of acting is something that I could never do my friend
and I will always tell the truth and love you till the end
you are so dear to me and oh so very very sweet
I am so happy that good fortune let us meet
my life would be without meaning if I should live alone again
because to live alone again would only bring me pain


so I will count those happy days I hope for many years
and know that you and I will have no use for tears
I am so thankful that I can spend all those lovely years with you
and love you every day and do the very best for you