My Guardian Angel

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009





Oh what would I do if I did not have you beside me
I feel so safe with you My Guardian Angel
I am not alone and I can feel you here beside me
and I'm not on my own My Guardian Angel

My journey through this life may be a trial don't you see
with torments and with strife but also beauty
the beauty's shown to me by someone I know is watching
I know who it could be My Guardian Angel

Here Instrumental

I do love you so and I will always let you guide me
you want the best for me My Guardian Angel
I will let you lead until I meet the final curtain
and I will see you then My Guardian Angel

How nice it is to know that you are there just for me
and help me through this life My Guardian Angel
I'll do the best I can and will just let you guide me
I'm thankful you are here My Guardian Angel.