I never saw




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I never saw

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp

I never saw a sunset in the morning
or sunrise in the middle of the night
or ever seen when birds are flying backwards
or seen a jellyfish that stood upright
as sure as there was never such a sight
as sure am I you'll never change your way
you say that you will try and put things right
but you and I know it's just what you say

You've promised me so many times before
so why should I believe you now again
so many times I saw you close the door
and in he's arms you'd spend the night again
I think you thought our love was just for fun
you always come and tell the same old lies
I guess I may appear a little dumb
it's over now there will be no more tries

Just go and find yourself somebody new
someone you can decieve and make a fool
your disregard for me just grew and grew
I've never met someone that was so cruel
this time I'm glad to see you close the door
and I will keep it closed right from this day
I pity him that opens up his door
and lets you in so you can have your way

I wonder why there's girls like you around
good looking but so rotten through and through
it was your luck that it was you I found
and I could take so much abuse from you
I'm sure there's many guys around like me
that girls like you will take advantage of
I hope that they could learn something from me
and not succumb to what they think is love