I was walking



Music and Lyrics by John Torp.

Copyright 2004 John Torp





I was walking down the lane and on my way to nowhere
and that is where I met Loraine she told me that she'd been there
she said she'd run away from home I told her so had I
her parents didn't care for her and she did not know why

I said that I had troubles too but with a streetgang there
and I did not know what to do so that's why I was there
we walked a while and talked a lot and then we felt a bond
we then teamed up and hand in hand we'd see what was beyond

and just to have her hand in mine was very reassuring
it felt like now at last our souls had found a safer mooring
if just we were together we could beat a world of trouble
and to get further on in life our chances now were double

I'm glad that we met up that day and wandered hand in hand
and that we came at last to port in this here lovely land
and now at last we found a place and children that we love
we will make sure that they will thrive with some help from above