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New Video 09 - 05 - 10


How are you now

New Year 2010 Helsingborg.Sweden.

A walk in the beautiful Sofiero Park. Helsingborg. Sweden.

Bicycle Ride along the Beach in Helsingborg. Sweden. 2009


A Little Ride on my Bicycle

 Torps Flea Circus.
Real live Performing Fleas.

A Walk around the Lake in Jordbodalen. Helsingborg. Sweden.

Shopping at Vala. Sweden.

Slide Show of Else Torp's Oil Paintings

from Spain & Tenerife Islas Canarias 23-01-08

Vocal Video's


I was walking down the lane  01-10-08

I love the air this morning  15-11-07

My love I miss you so Video  14-11-08

Now that we are together again  13-11-07

Scenic Video's and Slideshows


Fall .View for my balcony 02-11-07

Autumn Colours

A Walk around the Lake in Jordbodalen Sweden

Allotment Gardens Helsingborg Sweden

Raging Brook Jordbodalen Sverige 06-07-07

Waterfront Helsingborg Sweden 2007

Beach Promenade Helsingborg Sweden

Sofiero Palace Helsingborg Sweden

Our walk in the Forest Slideshow

African Nights Slideshow







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