Paint Machine

We had my Paint Machine in three different places in

Denmark namely Bakken - Odense Tivoli - Aalborg Tivoli.

Later we had the Paint Machine in Plaza san Telmo in

Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife. The Canary Islands.

The Paint Machine consists of a barrel with an electric motor with a

fan placed in the bottom of the barrel where upon is placed a piece of

carton.Then the motor is started up and car paint is squirted on to the carton.

The centrifugal force spreads the paint over the carton in wonderful formations.





John Torp's Flea Circus

My family's Flea Circus in Tivoli Copenhagen

My Flea Circus in the USA

Loppe Cirkus "In danish"Dansk

My Bar on Tenerife the Canarian Islands