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Some Tunes in MIDI format does not play well if you have Windows Vista installed.

I have marked them in Red.


I love you because 27Kb Walk right back  25 Kb Make the world go away  16 Kb 98-08-29
The last farewell 34Kb Red sails in the sunset 18Kb Jamaica Farewell  "Plus" 33 Kb
  Let there be me  California Blue  47 Kb Will you still love me tomorrow  44Kb
The Carnival is over  22 Kb Little Arrows 29 Kb  
Crazy  21Kb Five red Roses  28 Kb Stranger On The Shore  23 Kb 
Wish you were here   11Kb No matter what  22Kb  I'll never find Another you  31Kb
Butterfly  20Kb I fall to pieces  17Kb The Rose  17Kb
When I fall in love  29Kb For the good times  23 Kb Help me make it through the night 




La Golondrina  25 Kb  Quièreme Mucho  44Kb Por tu amor  72Kb
Blue Spanish eyes  69Kb South American  23Kb Chiri Biri Bin  25  Kb 
Amapola   20 Kb      Manhã de Carnaval   23 Kb  




Save the last dance for me  48Kb When Johnny comes marching   Down on the Ohio  33 Kb
The streets of Laredo  43Kb Home on the Range  22 Kb Adios Amigo  29 Kb
Red River Valley  15 Kb The Tennessee Waltz  19 Kb Just a Man  25 Kb
There goes my everything  34 Kb  South of the border   33 Kb Crying Time  17 Kb 




The Rose of Tralee  39Kb Waltzing Matilda  21 Kb Auld Lang Zyne  32 Kb
Song of Twilight  20 Kb Visen om de atten svaner   23 Kb  


Old Pop Tunes


  Take me out to the Ballgame 58Kb  Marie  43  Kb 
Violetta  48 Kb Give me five minutes more  22 Kb O-o what a Kiss  33 Kb
Babyface  21  Kb  I'm forever blowing bubbles   36Kb  Harbor Lights




Volga Lied  34 Kb Kasatjok  26 Kb Russian tune  16 Kb
  Waltz 3  78Kb Under the brigde  33Kb
Rock the brigde  64Kb Samarkand 48 Kb