You were mine

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp




  Do you remember


You were mine


I will keep you in memories all my life

You were mine
In Mexico that's where me met
you were mine
In Mexico we were wed
and we had some wonderful years you and I
but you are now somewhere up in the sky

You were mine
and I see your lovely dark hair
you were mine
and we were so happy there
it's too bad your life had it's ending so soon
it was one night a night without a moon

you were out there alone riding on your horse
I should have been there with you of course

you were here and then all at once you were gone
I'm alone I can't believe death has won
for you were the best of it all in my life
I was so proud to call you my dear wife

Life could be
so wonderful for you and me
and it was
but all too short you can see
all our plans for life disappeared there and then
and now I'll never see your face again

If your life
had only been longer than that
you would see
how many children we had
a great family with so much we could do
but now all I can think was loosing you

oh how I miss the days you were here with me
and miss your kiss and smiling at me

In this life
there will be no other like you
In this life
no one could be just like you
now I spend my lonely life as I can
I am now a very lonely man