Sweet are you

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp



  Do you remember



Sweet are you
it is love you're bringing
you spread happiness all around where ever you're going
a lovely rose there is nothing like you
and of flowers in this whole world there's nothing just like you
you are the messenger that will help a sad lover
and when someone is sick you help them to recover
and you have cured many broken hearts dear
even though you have many thorns that's nothing that we fear

Sweet are you
and your looks are pleasing
I don't think there is anyone that is not agreeing
lucky us to have you amongst us
to help us brighten up our days with all the love you bring
it is amazing how just one flower can help us
I wonder how the world would be if you were missing
so thank you for helping out a lover
and giving someone sick the will again to live


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