Here in this lovely Garden

Music - Lyrics and Picture by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp




  Do you remember


Here in this lovely Garden
where love and roses are growing
that's where I saw you that summer
so lovely there on your swing
you were happy and carefree
and I was glad that you were there
you were my very first love you see
the only one just for me
that was a long time ago now
but I remember it well
and I still love you my darling
I am still under your spell

Now we are in our garden
with flowers grown out of loving
and with some small hands to help us
our children are in full swing
we were blessed to have children
they are so happy to be here
they help their mummy and daddy so
and joyful laughter we hear
it is a wonderful life now
a life with flowers and love
in this here wonderful garden
with sunshine from above
we spend a lot of our time here
between the plants and flowers
and think that we are so lucky
to have this place just for us
so in this lovely garden
the garden just made for dreaming
we spend our time with each other now
I picture you on the swing
here in this lovely garden
where love and roses do grow
here in this lovely garden
our love and children will grow


I have made a Video of lovely Gardens and

posted it om YouTube.

Allotment Gardens Helsingborg Sweden