Dreams are such a magic place


Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2003 John Torp






Dreams are such a magic place
and dreams are where I see your lovely face
I will be there with you soon
and we will sail beneath a golden moon
it makes no difference if it's night or day
you'll be with me no matter if it's rain that day
dreams are where we'll meet my friend
the dreams with you will never have an end
and so I'll dream of you when I want you near
and feel the need to whisper in your ear
I am lucky dreams are there
so I can tell you that I really care

Dreams are made for love like ours
and dreams like this can last for many hours
we'll be by a stream somewhere
and you'll pick flowers to adorn your hair
and it is just like this that I picture you
the lovely girl that made all my dreams come through
I want you to wear my ring
and I would like to hear the church bells ring
you will agree that we'll make a perfect pair
this love of ours is just beyond compare
I know that you love me too
and I am glad that I can dream of you
we are lucky you and me
with dreams like this our future's made you see