Birthday Wish for Angel



You are listening to music “Happy Birthday”
This is the exclusive Tune
Composed and Played for this Page
By John Torp
I acknowledge the same with Many Thanks
Miss. Kiran Mehta

Lyrics Copyright © 2004-2006 Miss Kiran Mehta.

Music Copyright © 2006 John Torp






Happy birthday, to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Angel
Happy birthday, to you

Wish many years of life
Get fond things of life
Good health & gay time
Also folks of your like

All your wishes come true
Your life, full of grace
Heart filled with hopes
And smile on your face

I pray, for your luck
In all, that you do
Gift of fame & name
And bliss around you

God may you hear me
Please care & kind
Grant each of his likes
And sweet time in life!



This page has been dedicated to Angelic Souls on earth whose

life means lively life for many in this unhappworld.

May God be with them!


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