You are as lovely



 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember



You are as lovely as when I first met you
for me just the same altough years have gone by
there's nobody else that could ever replace you
for you are the best that's the reason why
and all through the years I have loved you so
with a love that's so strong that I'm sure you know
I only wish that we're always together
and that we'll be happy the rest of our life
but as we have lasted through all kinds of weather
I know that we'll make it for you're my wife

When I look back at the day when I met you
I see you so clear as it were yesterday
you looked oh so sweet that I felt to embrace you
and I lost my heart on that very day
to think now that we shared our life together
through all of those years and are still in love
I am so thankful that we are together
and we can enjoy our life as we do
I know now for sure I could not have done better
and I am forever in love with you