You came into my dreams last night

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright © 2010 John Torp





You came into my dream last night
your face seemed new to me
but you were the most lovely sight
that I could ever see
you told me that you loved me
I said I love you too
though you had just now seen me
you said I love just you

How strange that dream turned out to be
I think of it all day
it feels so real I still can see
you smile at me that way
as if to say we meet again
we used to be so close
but I can not remember when
another life who knows

That dream it hunts me day and night
you seemed so real to me
and I just know our love was right
It's like you'r here with me
maybe that it is Déjà Vu
from our former life
I loved you then as now I do
maybe you were my wife