Will you help me stop this pain


  Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember



Will you help me stop this pain
and come back to me again
you had to go to war and I am missing you so
now I pray for you each day
hoping that you'll be okay
the days are long the nights are cold and time goes so slow
and since you went my life's such a torment for me
I can not help of thinking the worst that could be
I'm watching all the news on the TV each day
and just dreading of what they will say

Please come back to me my dear
please come back and stop this fear
I hope this nightmare ends and soon you'll be back again
it will be a lovely day
when your coming back to stay
please let this fighting end I hope it was not in vain
so many loved ones die and so many more maimed
so many crosses standing on the graves that's unnamed
I guess that we can not learn to live here in peace
and that fighting for glory won't cease
come back
my dear