Where are You

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember


Where are you
oh where are you
I miss you since the day
you left and made me blue
where are you
oh where are you
I thought that you would stay
and would be true

Now ever since that day
the day you went away
I'm missing you and hope
that you'll come back again to me
I'm hoping now
that you somehow
will change your mind
and come on home to me

So what's it like
to live alone
without someone that loves you
as I'm loving you
are you not sad
that things went bad
I hope that you
maybe will miss me too

Oh please do change your mind
and come back home
and love me once again
just like you did before
come home to me
and you will see
that you'll be happy
if we try once more