When I wake up

  Music & Lyrics by John Torp.
Copyright 2008 John Torp




  Do you remember



When I wake up each morning
I don't get out of bed
I stay in my bed a while
and try to clear my head
I had so many dreams
and some that were so nice
I try now to remember them
so I can dream them twice

I really wish they would invent
a dream recorder soon
that really would be heavensent
I hope they do that soon
the bad dreams I would just delete
I would not see them twice
but good dreams I would surely keep
to burn them would be nice

I'd burn them on a DVD
or maybe CD-ROM
then I could show them off to all
and friends that maybe come
maybe if they were really good
on YouTube they could be
worldwide and on the internet
my dreams for all to see