Walking by the River


 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp




  Do you remember


Walking by the river he could hear a frightened cry
he saw a girl there on an ice floe quickly floating by
he plunged into the icy waters for to rescue her
he did not stop or even think of that what might occur

As he swam the icy stream he soon began to see
that reaching her maybe too much he failure could foresee
but even so he carried on with all the strenght he had
he did not think that though he tried the end it may be sad

She cried out much louder now that rescue was in sight
and on her face he clearly saw her eyes so full of fright
he tried to swim much stronger but the cold it made him weak
and soon he was so cold as ice that he could hardly speak

Though he tried his best to reach her he was bound to fail
the girl she realized it too and she began to wail
they lost their lives that cold cold day although he tried his best
they found them on the shore one day and now they're laid to rest