The Sunflower

 Music - Lyrics & Painting by John Torp
Copyright © 2008 John Torp





The sunflower knows just how to get by

for it does not look for the shade

it follows the sun there up in the sky

with all of itís beauty displayed


Iím sure there is something for us to learn

If sometimes we are feeling sad

and it is for happiness that we yearn

not sadness but just to feel glad


Just look at the good things there in your life

don't look at the things in the dark

we all have been through some trouble and strife

life's not just a walk in the park


I'm sure that the sunflower is feeling glad

although it's not moving at all

it is getting all the sun to be had

and maybe that's why it's so tall


To stand there in darkness just makes you sad

so why don't you follow the sun

just think of good things and try to be glad

you'll soon have the blues on the run