The Night is long

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2010 John Torp





The Night is long
without you here
why did you go and leave me on my own
come back again
I miss you so
it is so empty when you are not at home

I have been crying
since you left me dear
and not a day goes by
without I shead a tear

So come back home
to me again
life is so empty and I miss you so
don't stay away
come back to me
and please do tell me that you will never go

You're the one
that I adore
if you come back I'll never ask for more
you know that I
do love you so
I've been so sad ever since you closed the door

And so my dear
come back to me
and let us love
just like we did back then
I hope that you
still love me now
and that we two can be lovers once again