Some days it happens

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp






Some days it happens


Some days it happens we reach our goal
although the road can be long and weary
we must keep on with our heart and soul
and we will not loose our hope you see
and then the future looks fabulous
nothing will seem out of reach now for us

Everybody must have a dream
but it does not help to go on dreaming
you have to work to fulfill that dream
and when you do you will be a king
it's up to you to accomplish that
you can not get that from one automat

It is so nice when your dream comes through
and then to think that it came from dreaming
it was much work but it came from you
now you can see what a dream can bring
next time you dream make your dream come through
and then to think that it all came from you