So little Man

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember


So little man now what will you do
has the whole world been so cruel to you
and have you driven your plaything away
will she come back now another day

You thought it funny to treat her that way
it is no wonder she did not stay
all that you did was to tell her lies
and did not care much about her cries

Beating her up was your way of fun
lucky for you that you had no gun
drunk as you were and out of your mind
you may have used it you are that kind

You stole from your kids to buy your booze
and from your mouth vile smells would ooze
its sad to see that a man like you
can keep on doing just what you do

So here you are now and so all alone
that is because your heart's like a stone
I am afraid that is how you'll stay
and it's too late now to change your way

But to be kind is so far from you
and to be nice is not like you
there is no hope for a guy like you
break a girls heart is all you can do