Seasons come and Seasons go

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp




  Do you remember


Let me tell a story
how I found my love
It was not so long ago

Seasons come and Seasons go
and snow we soon will se
but I don't care for I have found a girl for me
winter may be long and cold
and icy winds may blow
but I don't care for I have found a girl that's just for me
and we will be together for ever now
the weather may be so cold but our hearts are warm
so let the winter show its face with Icy winds and snow
for I don't care for our love will keep us nice and warm

It was just this summer
I was down there by the sea
when all at once a lovely girl came in my sight
she came on walking straight
out of the sea and up to me
I was surprised that such a lovely girl would notice me
but she just said hello and said how are you
I thought my poor heart would stop but then I did reply
I'm fine now that we met and I must say this thing to you
you are the best thing that could happen on this very day

Miracles do happen
now this was the proof for me
I am a true believer from this very day
this was proof for me
and I found love this very day
we are together from our meeting down there by the sea
I had never been so happy in my life
the day that you said that you would be my little wife
I'm thankful fore the day I met you there upon the beach
and I will say there is no higher happiness to reach
I love you
I do love you