Pick up your Bag

  Music - Lyrics & Painting by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp

  Do you remember



Pick up your bag and wear a smile
and then be on your way
get on your horse and ride away
into a brand new day
and then forget all the troubles
and start again anew
for that is the best you can do
there is no reason for staying
for I am through with you
just go on and find someone new
that's what I say to myself as I'm on my way
for there is no reason to stay
I did my best and I was true
the time I spend with you
but all that just didn't matter
for you were untrue

Now I have learned something I'm sure
though learning it was tough
I hope that I remember it
'cause learning it was rough
and I don't want to be making
the same mistake again
but then I can never be sure
for when it gets down to finding
somebody that is true
it's not there in any old brochure
I just keep riding along till I find someone
and hope that I'll find one someday
I'll keep on searching on my way
and hope someday I'll find
somebody that really loves me
and here in my arms will stay