One day it happens




 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp

  Do you remember



One day it happens we reach our goal
although the road can be long and weary
but we'll keep on with our heart and soul
we won't give up though sometimes it's dreary
and then the future looks fabulous
nothing will seem out of reach now for us
never give up but keep on now and try
that we must do till the day we die

What would life be if we did not dream
but just to dream that is not enough
positive thinking and have a theme
then go ahead although it is tough
nothing is gained just by wishful thinking
other than dreams that will sure fade away
but just get going and do some planning
and then your dreams will be here to stay

How sad it is when you just give up
how sad it is when there's no ambition
we see so many that made a stop
stayed where they were on their own volition
what a sad life if you do not try
thinking of how things could also have been
then it's too late just to sit and cry
thinking of pastures that were so green