My very first Kiss

Music and Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp




  Do you remember


My very first kiss


I remember the time when I was a little boy
and I had my very first kiss
I was only five and she was almost eight
and I never have forgotten this
a whole head taller she was than me
behind a door the action did take place
there wasn't much passion for it was my first kiss
and afterwards I had to wipe my face

It's true you won't forget your very first kiss
and I surely do remember mine
I wonder if she also does remember this
and remember it so innocent and fine
I wonder if she is still thinking about me
it was a time so very long ago
I wonder why it is I still remember this
but true it is it happened long ago

But time soon did pass and then I started school
I had grown up and now I was six
and I fell in love with the sweetest darkhaired girl
and now I was really in a fix
I never said I loved her I was too shy for that
I'm sure she does not know it till this day
there should go many years then before my next kiss
but I still remember my first kiss on that day