Lonely Tree

 Music - Lyrics & Picture by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp







Lonely Tree


I heard about the little lonely palm
there in the dessert standing on it's own
I do feel sorry for the lonely palm
just waiting for a seed to be sown
the story of the palm is just like me
here in the forest I am all alone
there's not another tree here just like me
although there's many trees I am here on my own

The other trees are not at all like me
my trunk is white and they are all in brown
they laugh at me and that's not nice you see
they call me names and say I am a clown
sometimes I wish I was the lonely palm
and not have many trees around to laugh
it is so very hard to appear calm
when they are having so much fun on my behalf

It's hard to be just one and on your own
and hard to be so lonely in a crowd
it's like that all their hearts are made of stone
I feel like I am in a big black cloud
if I could have a tree right next to me
a tree that had a trunk so snowy white
I would be oh so happy don't you see
my heart would fill with love and things would be alright