Just keep on going

Music -  Lyrics and Picture by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp



  Do you remember


Just keep on going
even though the going is tough
there is someone watching
out for you from the heavens above
you never will be alone now
on that you sure can rely
so walk through life without fear and
just hold your head up high
I'm sure you're feeling
that there is someone there for you
and how reassuring
that in life someone will see you through

What a nice feeling
that you never will be alone
and all through your life you
never will be just all on your own
if you feel low or in trouble
just think of someone up there
I'm sure that makes you feel better
that someone really care
you are so lucky
that you have somebody up there
so just keep on going
and I'm sure you will never despair