I went to the Fair

 Music - Lyrics & Picture by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp


  Do you remember


I went to the Fair


I went to the fair not so very long ago
for I was so alone and I felt I had to go
I wished I had a friend now before I got too old
I missed to have a friend and I had my fortune told
the fortuneteller told me that the friend I sought was here
and that she would have such lovely orange hair
I thought it was a joke and what kind of tale was that
and did she mean the hair or maybe it was a hat

I looked and I searched all over at the fair
but there was not a sole there that had lovely orange hair
and then before I left I thought I'd try my luck
I tried the wheel of fortune there to see if luck I struck
and then I hit the jackpot it was a great surprise
I won an orange dog that had so very big black eyes
it was so very big and I took it home with me
I put it in the car in the seat right next to me

And as I drove on home then it must have been a sight
a great big orange dog on the seat there to my right
the fortuneteller told me my friend had orange hair
and she is right here now with me there in an easy chair
it was not such a friend that I was looking for
but she'll stay here with me now and don't walk out the door
I know that we'll be happy I could not ask for more
and I am sure that this is what my fortune had in store