It was long ago now

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp






It was long ago now
we wandered hand in hand
down there by the river
with bare feet in the sand
we were young and carefree
and life were at it's best
our lips were touching briefly
and we were full of zest
those times will last forever
that was our greatest hope
but nothing lasts forever
and it's no good to mope
but we are still together
as happy as can be
we still walk by the river
and hand in hand you see

Those were lovely times then
when we were very young
time do fly so fast when
a love it is so strong
and though we now are older
and don't look as before
our love will only smoulder
when we don't live no more
who knows that where we're going
there'll be a river too
and maybe warm breeze blowing
so nice for me and you
and then we will be walking
along the river there
just hand in hand and talking
caressed by soft warm air