I treasure the things I've seen



Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2006 John Torp




I treasure the things I've seen and the places where I have been
on this lovely and beautiful earth where all of us live
there is so much more to see of those wondrous and marvelous and
so colourful sceenes that is all that nature can give
I wish that there was more time for me to see it all once again
but that would just take too long but I sure can not complain

I am oh so thankful for all the chances that came my way
so that I saw what I did and all just at the right time
and it was the perfect time and the time when the world was free
from the troubles that's haunting this poor old world at this time
I do not know if those times return when life was not so severe
I only know that at that time I traveled without fear