It is such an empty feeling

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp





  Do you remember



It is such an empty feeling
I just can't believe you're gone
I just hope my heart is healing
and that I won't be lonely from now on
why you left I just do not know dear
I do hope that I did not do something wrong
now I'm asking your forgiveness
did I say something to you
I am waiting for your address
and that we soon again can be us two

I was happy and contented
was it not the same with you
I'm so sad of how it ended
and what went wrong I only wish i knew
please come back again I implore you
be my little sweetheart again from now on
we could have our love forever
if I knew what went so wrong
loving you and leave you never
promise not to harm you from now on