I love the way

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp




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I love the way



I love the way that you look when you look at me
and I love your eyes they are blue as the deep blue sea
and I love your smile it's a smile full of happiness
I love you so I must confess
and I do love when you kiss me and say that you love me so
I know that you mean it and I know our love will grow
and we will be happy and I know we'll never part
and I could tell right from the start
it is so rare just to find someone
that is so right just for me
and you were lucky to find someone
I'm glad it was me
so now I wonder if I am the only one
to find such a happiness here in this world with you
and now that you're here I can feel all my fears are gone
and in your arms I'm safe with you

We found our soul mates that's almost impossible
and as such a pair we are almost invincible
and we can withstand almost all that life throws at us
and we'll come out victorious
our love is strong for each other and will be for ever more
I'm sure we can deal with the things that life has in store
and we have each other and that is enough for us
we take our love so serious
I am glad finding way to you
I must have had help from above
and for me to find some like you
to give all my love
now that we're happy and so much in love
the world it is such a wonderful place for just you and me
and we'll live our life here in peace and in love
and so our paradise is here you see