I am oh so very Handsome

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp.
Copyright 2010 John Torp






I am oh so very handsome
and so very charming too
woman they are almost fainting
when I ask them - how are you
white teeth show when I am smiling
and a twinkle in my eye
I am strong and muscles bulging
eyes the colour of the sky

When I'm walking down the highstreet
everybody looks at me
I can hear the womans heartbeat
they are all in love with me
I am dressed so very stylish
golden watch and all the rest
I can't help that I am wealthy
I'm among the very best

Then I wake up in the morning
everything was but a dream
and I look into the mirror
what I see can make me scream
I know dreams don't last forever
and reality is cruel
I was happy there while dreaming
Now I really feel a fool