I'm sorry that we cannot stay together

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp




  Do you remember


I'm sorry that we cannot stay together
we only meet in dreams here in the night
it would be nice if we could stay together
and maybe one day we just might
then there will be no more of this here yearning
and we can hold each other all through the night
and then we'll keep this love of ours burning
so then it will be all right

It was not our fault at all we parted
our families just didn't get along
that was because of different faith it started
they are not to blame but it's wrong
we're all gods children that despite religion
I know that god may have a different name
but it should make no difference which religion
for god is right here the same

We could of course go live us two together
but we would miss our families I am sure
we could make out to live us two together
but that would be hard to endure
lets hope our situation will be better
maybe our families will see the light
and in the meantime we can write a letter
and dream as we do each night