I will never forget you

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
pyright 2010 John Torp




I will never forget you
as long as I shall live
I will always remember you
you had so much to give
I am unhappy without you
I long for you each day
and I will never forget you
why did you go away

Love is but an aching pain
thats burning out your soul
it can make you feel insane
it's like a dark dark hole
a trap where we are falling in
we just can not resist
it is a place were hurt begin
we're happy to enlist

Life has not been quite the same
since you were here with me
I know that you were not to blame
but love's been cruel to me
I was so sad you said goodbye
and I am here alone
I'm trying so hard not to cry
my heart feels like a stone