I don't have a woman

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2008 John Torp





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I don't have a woman
I do not understand
I am such a handsome man
I should be in demand
I'm very smart and clever too
my mother tells me so
I'm looking for a girl for you
she say's as mothers do
I'll find a proper girl for you
I'm sure she'll do that too

My mother wants the best for me
she tells me every day
I love her very much you see
she knows I will not stray
although that I am such a catch
that every girl would want
there is so far no one to match
so off we go to hunt
I have no hurry now you see
I'm only forty three

I'm sure I'll find some one someday
someone like mother dear
and that will be a happy day
when I'll find someone dear
and she will then look after me
like mother always do
then I'll have love from two you see
my happiness come true
what bless it is to find a wife
just like my mother dear the rest of my life