How are you doing

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2010 John Torp




How are you doing
I hope you are fine
yes thank you for asking
I'm also doing fine
it has been a long time
and you're looking well
you still look the same now
since our last farewell

Years gone by so very fast
it seems so long ago
that we were still together but
then you just had to go

You found another
so I set you free
now I have another
and she's good to me

Missed you a lot then
but time passes fast
our love was intense but
it just could never last
and so when you left me
I missed you a lot
but I found another
and you I forgot

But it is nice to see you now
and know that you are fine
we had a lovely time back then
the time that you were mine

So we are here now
and found someone new
and we can remember
it was me and you