Here we are

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright © 2009 John Torp




  Do you remember



Here we are
sitting at our favourite café
here we are
looking at the people on their way
it's so nice
being here in Paris in the spring
we're in love we are so very happy
newlywed you and me feel like singing
maybe soon you're a mum I'm a daddy
life looks good for us and so we're
sitting here feeling so very lucky
funny how love makes you feel so dizzy
I don't mind for I am now right here with you

Here we are
feeling like that nothing can go wrong
and we know
we'll survive with love that is so strong
come what may
hand in hand we'll fight and we will win
never mind if there comes times with problems
problems are here to solve and we'll solve them
for we are two and we're strong
and will win of that I'm sure
and we'll recall this spring here in Paris in this café
where we were newlyweds and so happy
I just know life will be good to you and me