Hello Hello

  Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember



Hello Hello It's you again
I love to talk to you
your voice is music to my ear
I'll listen night and day to you
you brighten up my day when I
can hear you on the phone
it makes me feel so happy
and I know I'm not alone
so please my dear just talk to me
and say those words you know
I love just what you say to me
I'm always here to say hello

Hello Hello It's you again
please let me hear once more
your coming here just tell me when
and I'll be waiting at the door
I'll take you in my arms and then
I'll kiss your mouth once more
we'll kiss and hug and laugh and then
we'll kiss and hug some more
It's nice to hear you on the phone
but hold you close is best
I am so glad I'm not alone
but have you here in my little nest