Heaven Bound

 Music - Lyrics & Picture by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp





Heaven Bound


When the day comes then I'll be ready
and it is time to be heaven bound
and I will not have to pack my belongings
they'll find a new home here on the ground
where I'm going there's all provided
and then I'm sure I will get my wings
and so I can fly wherever I want to
maybe even up to saturns rings

When the day comes then I'll be ready
it is a journey we all will make
I don't fear at all my hands will be steady
on this here journey I'll undertake
I just wonder that when I get there
will I be meeting the friends I knew
it's the words that's written down in the bible
I'm just hoping that the writing's true

If my friends are there we'll go flying
sitting on clouds or just looking down
there will be much time for us to enjoy there
there in this heavenly leisure town
no more getting up in the morning
time is all mine I don't have to stress
not one worry of what I will be wearing
for I think that I'll be bodyless