Come and hold my hand

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp.
Copyright 2009 John Torp


  Do you remember


Come and hold my hand
 and walk on down the road with me
 we will get away
 and find that place down by the ocean
 we will get away
 and find that lovely place you'll see
 and we'll be once again
 where our love first began
 That is our place
 where we can really find some peace
 a place so wonderful
 where we can just relax at ease
 I'm sure that we
 will find that place for you and me
 where we were long ago
 and where troubles all cease
 Such a lovely place
 should be for all in love to find
 such a lovely place
 where lovers meet and see the birds fly
 looking at the sea
 and whisper sweet words in the air
 whith the blue sky above
 such a lovely place there
 I'm sure there is a place
 for all the lovers in the world
 if only they will look
 there is a place for boy and girl
 I hope they find
 that place of happiness for them
 it's a must I am sure
 for each boy and each girl
 Just to get away
 and just to dream a little while
 that must be the way
 to just enjoy life and be happy
 then I'm sure each day
 will be a paradise on earth
 and it sure was so nice
 for us two you and me
 I'm glad we found that place
 where we first went so long ago
 the place where just we two
 could be together you and me
 and through the years
 we went there many times you see
 way there down by the ocean
 us two you and me