As I walked along the Seashore


 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp



  Do you remember


As I walked along the seashore


As I walked along the seashore I saw a seashell there
I put it to my ear then to listen to its song
and it was a song of tales from so far away out there
it was so facinating to hear that lovely song
if you have time to listen of tales from long ago
just use imagination and let the tale begin
but the tales that comes from seashells may not be true you know
they may be full of goblins and also one old jinn

I am happy when I walk here and let my thoughts just flow
It's nice to hear the ocean and see the waves roll in
everything is very peaceful and gentle breezes blow
the seagulls they are flying and making quite a din
it is their way of talking they know no other way
I wonder what they're thinking way up there in the sky
and maybe they seek their loved one somewhere here in the bay
maybe they call their loved one and that is why they cry

So much lovely time I've spend here just walking by the shore
I've seen things I'll remember and think about some day
it is nice to be so lucky to live here by the shore
and that I live in peace here by this here lovely bay
I am among the lucky to live here by the sea
what other place I wonder would be so good for me
I'm sure there's other places beyond here by the sea
but here I will be living for it is good for me.