Arms around each other

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2009 John Torp



  Do you remember



Arms around each other and so in love are we
for we were just married so now we're really free
free to live our lives and to do just as we please
and free to kiss not caring that maybe someone sees

We have been so happy right since the day we met
memories so lovely we never will forget
times we spend together just walking hand in hand
and things that we have looked at in this here lovely land

To think that we are married and you are really mine
it makes my life worth living and makes me feel so fine
so now we are together for always you and me
and soon there maybe children in this here family

We're amongst the lucky in this here world today
and we count our blessings that we have had this day
on this day of marrige you had my ring to ware
I told you that I loved you and I would always care

You looked oh so pretty there in your wedding dress
tears came in my eyes then I really must confess
looking like an angel when you walked down the aisle
and on your face a smile I'll remember all the while

And now this day is over a new life will begin
maybe there will be troubles but I am sure we'll win
for our love is strong and I know we'll conquer all
no matter if the troubles are big or maybe small