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I have written a book about my life, but it is only in danish.
Jeg et Vådeskud
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I have just celebrated my Birthday. 85 Years Old.

Here is a Video of the Event with "Lovely" Singing.






My Parrots Jacob and Putte are my best friends.Jacob is a Blue Fronted Amazon and is born in Silkeborg Denmark 1989.He was 8 month old when I got him.He has quite a personality, and is a bird that takes to everyone.He is very depended on me and doesn't like me to be out of his sight of vision.When he can't see me he shouts very loudly "Mammy Mammy ".When my door is open the people on the street turnes around and looks up.I live on the second floor.Jacob doesn't say that many words, but understands what I say to him.He loves a lot of noise and tries to do better that the Radio or the Television.He is very affectionate and eats of my hand, and is allways nice and not moody.We have a ritual every night.I have to give Jacob and Putte small peaces of Banana in their beaks.Otherwise they are not ready to sleep.

Putte is an African Grey.She is born 1991 on Fyn Denmark, and was 3 months old when I got her.Putte talks a lot and uses some naughty words once in a while."I wonder where she learned that"?.It must be from the Television.I'm quite enbarrassed some times when I have visitors.She is a funny little friend but bites me sometimes, and afterwords she laughs and says "Mammy's small friends, Mammy loves you".

When we have had a Dog visiting they are both very happy, and Putte says " Well little doggie, shall we take a little walk and make a little wee-wee".
She makes a noise as the Telephone and says "Yes, this is the Tang residence, how are you, well good bye".They are funny and likes Ice Cream, Candy, Whipped Cream and Potatoes, well all kinds of food the is different from the normal bird food.I was in the Hospital once for nine days, and my girls gave them their food.Jacob was happy when I came back, but Putte had plucked her feathers off so she looked like a Grilled Chicken.It took a long time before she wasn't angry at me anymore.
She dances as soon as she hears music and whistles and says " Putte whistles for Mammy ".Well I can keep on because she says so many things.Both nice and not so nice.
It means everything for me to have such a couple of good friends.I never feel alone and I always get a nice welcome when I have been out and returns home again.I am happy, and they are happy, so it couldn't be any better.


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