I lived in the Canary Islands about eight years,and especially found Lanzarote very fascinating with its many volcanoes.In the year 1730 the first eruption occurred in the Timanfaya massif on the western part of the island.Thirty craters opened their fiery mouths simultaniously like thirty cannons and bombarded a third of the island.A layer of lava 10m.(33feet)thick buried eleven villages and covered 200sq.Km(77 sq.mi.)of the most fertile lands.In spite of its being so sudden and spectacular,there were no human casualties,for the population fled to the shelter of  "Cuerva de los Verdes" (Cave of the Greens),which is more than 6 Km.(4 mi.)long.New eruptions followed and continued until 1736.In 1824 there were 3 new eruptions,and 3 more cones were formed,all in the space of 3 months.At present it still rumbles in the bowels of the earth.All in all there is about 300 volcanoes on the island.Despite the barrenness on the " Montaņa del Fuego" (Mountain of Fire)and " Islote de Hilario" (Hilary's Height) the island is gay and smiling with extensive green farmed areas which contrast with the lava beds and makes this island a beautiful place to live or visit.




Follow me on a tour of the Volcanoes of Lanzarote

Here I am on old Sofia 





Camelride.(Hold on to your hat.)



El Golfo.The lake is green from an Algae




El Golfo






Montaņa de Fuego



Here you se the result when a stick is put into a hole for 10 seconds.

It burst into flames.


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